Khan, Ali Akbar / Ruckert, George

The Classical Music of India - The First Year's Study - Book

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Probably the best and most complete practical introduction to classical North Indian music to date. Well-structured, easily accessible text on all relevant issues, glossary, 180 pages of useful exercises and inspiring vocal and instrumental compositions in 10 important ragas in the 10 basic scales (thatas) in Indian sargam notation.

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The book features 80 compositions, both vocal and instrumental, in the ragas bhairava, bhairavi, asavari, todi, alahiya-bilaval, yaman, khamaj, kafi, puriya-daneshri and marwa. The Indian sargam notation system is fully explained and there is a list of exercises for the beginning student. Profound texts on the history and theory of North Indian classical music and short bios of Allaudin Khan and Ali Akbar Khan complete the work. It is profusely illustrated with photos, charts and tables. Notation and text are by George Ruckert, senior disciple of Ali Akbar Khan, longtime teacher at the Ali Akbar College of Music and now a Professor of Music at M.I.T. Boston. All notated music was taught by Ali Akbar Khan.

366 pages, hard cover, 19 b/w plates.