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Courtney, David R.

Focus on the Kaidas of Tabla - Book

The most detailed discussion of the kaida anywhere, containing over 75 examples from numerous sources.

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Chapters: Introduction, Kaida-Relas, Peshkar-Kaidas, Laggi-Kaidas, Gat-Kaidas, Gharanas, Delhi Kaidas, Ajrada Kaidas, Lucknow Kaidas, Farukhabad Kaidas, Benares Kaidas, Punjabi Kaidas, Conclusion.
Appendices: Seven and Fourteen Matra kaidas, Nine and Eighteen Matra Kaidas, Five, Ten, and Twenty Matra Kaidas, Eleven and Twenty-Two Matra Kaidas, Six, Twelve and Twenty Four Matra Kaidas, Thirteen Matra Kaidas, Fifteen Matra Kaidas, Eight and Sixteen Matra Kaidas, Seventeen Matra Kaidas, Kaida Finder, Index.

David Courtney studied pakhawaj with Zakir Hussain and tabla with Shaik Dawood Khan of Hyderabad. He has been performing tabla since 1972, and is also well versed in the academic side of music, having written many books on the subject.

308 pages, spiral binding, large format