Esraj Monoj Kumar Sardar Raga Deluxe

The Esraj Raga Deluxe by Monoj Kumar Sardar is an exquisite instrument for professional demands in best quality of materials and workmanship. The extraordinarily full and dynamic sound and the melody range of 3 octaves allow for solo performance of all subtleties of classical Indian raga music.

EU: 990 €
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Non-EU: 831,93 €
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Compared to the traditional esraj, the neck is considerably lengthened and widened, the body is enlarged, and extended and opened to the back, the number of strings is increased, the bridge is redesigned and an additional resonator is attached to the top of the pegbox. The Esraj Raga Deluxe was developed in the 1970s and 80s in Shantiniketan by Ranadhir Roy, probably the most important esraj player in recent history.

Played by Sándor Szabó


- dark stained toon wood
- high gloss polished shellac surfaces
- goatskin top
- synthetic bridges
- 20 nickel silver frets
- decorated pegbox with 6 wooden pegs with for 3 melody strings and 3 drone strings
- fine tuners (mankas) for all 6 strings
- buzzing bridge (jovari) for the 3 drone strings
- 15 wooden tuning pegs on a laterally attached side bar
- bone pins to redirect the resonating strings
- brass tailpiece
- detachable upper resonator with carved decoration
- celluloid decorations
- back side of body with carved openwork decoration
- incl. bow, rosin and fibreglass case

The included simple bow meets Indian quality standards but it cannot be compared with high quality classical Western bows. Among other things, the adjustability of the frog is relatively small, so that the bow can be drawn only relatively slack. The tensioning device shall therefore be turned only carefully and without force. Attempts to draw the bow further by applying force, may lead to damaging the tensioning device.

Manufacturer / Supplier

MONOJ KUMAR SARDAR & BROTHERS is a relatively large-scale manufacturer in the heart of Calcutta looking back on a rich tradition of three generations. It is run by four brothers, all of them trained craftsmen specialising in different aspects of instrument making. They mainly make sitars, tanpuras, esrajs, dilrubas, harmoniums and shrutiboxes. But the eldest brother and manager Monoj Kumar will get you every other instrument that is manufactured in India as well. Due to our long-term co-operation with Monoj Kumar Sardar since 1994, we receive instruments with a high quality level in terms of sound, workmanship and materials. Today Monoj Kumar Sardar's quality can well compete with other renowned brands like Hemen and Hiren Roy for string instruments or Pakrashi, Paul and Bina for harmoniums.


Melody Strings
1. steel 0.30 mm - low (mandra) ma - g (G3)
2. bronze 0.40 mm - low (mandra) Sa - d (D3)
3. bronze 0.55 mm - very low (ati mandra) Pa - A (A2)

1. steel 0.30 mm - low (mandra) Ga - f# (F#3)
2. steel 0.27 mm - low (mandra) Pa - a (A3)
3. steel 0.25 mm - middle (madhya) Sa - d' (D4)

sympathetic strings (all steel 0.27 mm)
1. low Sa - d
2. low Re - e
3. low Ga - f#
4. low ma - g
5. low Pa - a
6. low Dha - h
7. low Ni - c#'
8. middle Sa - d'
9. middle Re - e'
10. middle Ga - f#'
11. middle ma - g'.
12. middle Pa - a'
13. middle Dha - h'
14. middle Ni - c#''
15. high Sa - d''


Measure: length 120 cm, width body 19 cm, depth body without bridge 20 cm, weight ca. 3 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.