Khan, Amjad Ali (Sarod)

My Inspirations - Ragas Chhaya Nat, Nat Bihag, Mishra Tilak Kamod, Maand, Marwa, Dev Gandhar, Mishra Jhinjhoti Mishra Jangla Jogiya, Malkauns (2 CDs)

Sandeep Das (Tabla) Studio Recording, 2006.

ID: NRCD 0206

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A celebration of the great singing tradition inspired by singers from five different gharanas: Ustad Faiyaz Khan, Ustad Abdul Karim Khan, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Amir Khan, and Surshri Kesarbai Kerkar.The great singers celebrated in the two discs were all leading exponents of the khyal style of singing, which has been the most prominent vocal genre of North Indian classical music for nearly three centuries (and of course its history goes back far beyond that).

Most of the singers were in their heyday during the era of the old 78 rpm records, which necessitated short performances on record. Subsequent LP (33 rpm) compilations made from them thus presented a few different compositions and ragas rather than just one or two longer renditions. In some ways this compilation presents something similar, though on a wider canvas, and recreates the intimate atmosphere when Indian music was performed much more among small gatherings of genuine music lovers than in large halls to a more mixed crowd.

At the height of his career and now a veteran and doyen among Indian artists Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is revealing his respect for the great singers of the preceding generation and the inspiration he continues to draw from them, giving us this insight into how he has absorbed the legacy.

1. Spoken introduction by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
2. Chhaya Nat - Ustad Faiyaz Khan - Pawan chalat sana nana nana baaje ri
3. Mishra Tilak Kamod - Surshri Kesarbai Kerkar - Saiyaan bhala jogi
4. Marwa - Ustad Amir Khan - Guru bin gyan na pave
5. Dev Gandhar - Ustad Abdul Karim Khan - Chandrika hi janu baire
6. Jogiya - Ustad Abdul Karim Khan - Piya milan ki aasa

1. Nat Bihag - Ustad Faiyaz Khan - Jhan jhan jhan jhan paayal baaje
2. Maand - Surshri Kesarbai Kerkar - Balam mora re
3. Malkauns - Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan - Mandir dekh dare Sudama
4. Mishra Jhinjhoti - Ustad Abdul Karim Khan - Piya bina nahin avata chain
5. Mishra Jangla - Ustad Abdul Karim Khan - Ram nagariya mein kaise jaiyon

Amjad Ali Khan (* 1945), youngest son of Gwalior court musician Hafiz Ali Khan, was born into a musical family and has performed internationally since the 1960s. He was awarded India's second highest civilian honor, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2001.