Bangash, Amaan Ali (Sarod)

Veneration - To Hafiz Ali Khan - Raga Malkauns

Shubankar Banerjee (Tabla) Live Concert, Calcutta 2003.

ID: NRCD 0168

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This CD is Amaan Ali Bangash's tribute to his grandfather, the sarod maestro Hafiz Ali Khan. He performs the evergreen and popular Raga Malkauns. He opens with an Alaap which is played in a very relaxed manner and gradually moves on to the Jor where he embelishes the raga further, and takes some impressive staccato movements climaxing this part with the jhala. He finishes with the rarely perfomed Pancham Sawari, a composition based on a 15 beats time cycle.

Amaan Ali Khan (* 1977) is the eldest son of Amjad Ali Khan and often performs with his younger brother Ayaan Ali Khan. In 2006 Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan dropped their family surname Bangash.