Lalji, Chiranji & Suman Yadav (Vocals)

Mewar Ree Mira - Mira of Mewar

Rare Rajasthani compositions of devotional songs of Mirabai.

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Mirabai, who was born a Rajasthani princess, is undoubtedly India’s best known poet of Bhakti. Her Bhakti poetry is immortal and her desperate call of love for Krishna, her divine lover, has resounded far and wide through generation after generation. The title of the album “Mewar Ree Mira” is translated to mean “Mira of Mewar”, Mewar being a town in Rajasthan. To enjoy the bhajans (devotional songs) of Mirabai it is very important to understand her relationship with God. This relationship is in the form of complete surrender leading to selfless love. For her the celestial Lord Krishna was everything and she worshipped him with utmost devotion and love. Without him she was like a fish out of water. The two lead vocalists Chiranji Lalji and Suman Yadav are leading Rajasthani artists.