Jasraj, Pandit (Khyal Vocal)

Haveli Sangeet 2

Kala Ramnath ( Violin), Tripti Mukherjee (Vocal Support), Kedar Pandit (Tabla) Live in London, Februar 2000.

ID: NRCD 3516

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1. Mai Meethe Hari Ju Ke Bolana
2. Laal Gopal Gulal Hamari
3. Vraje Vasantam, Navaneeta Choram
Duration: 78:29

This album represents Haveli Sangeet, which is a tradition of temple singing based on one of North India's most important mystic paths - that of Krishna Bhakti. Whilst the tradition of Haveli Sangeet is an old established one, its appearance on the concert stage and in modern day recordings is undoubtedly due to Pandit Jasraj, one of the leading lights of Indian Classical Vocal music. The songs, although performed on stage, closely follow the temple style of singing. Key phrases are repeated as well as Krishna's name, serving to heighten a trance-like state among devotees.

Pandit Jasraj (* 1930) is an eminent classical vocalist of the Mewati gharana. He was born into a family of musicians and received his first training from his father Motiram and his elder brother Maniram. Later he studied with Maharaja Jaywant Singh Waghela and Gulam Kadar Khan of Mewat Gharana and with Swami Vallabhdas of the Agra Gharana. Jasraj's vocal range extends to three-and-a-half octaves and uses precise diction, a trademark of the Mewati gharana's style of khayal. He has received the Padma Vibhushan in 2000 and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship in 2010.