Mehala - Vol 1: The Palace - Music of Rajasthan

Saraswati Devi & Heeralal Dhandhada (Vocals) with Violin, Harmonium, Flute, Sarangi, Shahnai, Tabla, Dholak and Dhol. Courtly semi-classical musical riches from Rajasthan. Recorded in India 2002.

ID: NRCD 3011

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Tracks: Mehala Neeche Sa, Dhola Dhol Majira, Chirmi, Gorbund, Ghoomar, Kesariya Bana & Pankhiyo.

Navras' Mehala series celebrates the rich traditions of the durbar (court) music of Rajasthan. In contrast to the earthy street music of the region, this is a refined semi-classical style, whose compositions would once have been performed in Rajasthan's lavish palaces.

The album is produced by "Hear Is 2" a company set up by two Rajasthani cousin sisters (Vandana Nadgar and Girija Mirchandani) whose aim was to present the rich heritage of the Palace music of Rajasthan (much has been done as regards their folk music). These sisters hail from a family with aristocratic lineage and grew up amidst the dance and music associated with the Palace life. Their maternal grand/uncle ("Nanusa"), Thakur Jaswant Singhji Rathore of Kota has been the inspirational and guiding spirit behind this project, based on three volumes of notated music (a compilation of traditional songs of Rajasthan, published under the title of "Rajasthan Ke Rajwadi Geet" (Songs of the Rajasthan Royalty). Four volumes are planned in this series, and the first volume presents the court music from the Palaces of Rajasthan.