Mehala - Vol 3: The Palace - Romantic Music Of Rajasthan

Courtly semi-classical musical riches from Rajasthan. Saraswati Devi & Heeralal Dhandhada (Vocals) with Violin, Harmonium, Flute, Sarangi, Shahnai, Tabla, Dholak and Dhol. Recorded in India 2002.

ID: NRCD 3013

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Tracks: Moomal, ratnari Thari Akhadiya, Jallaji, Albela Ghara Ne Padharo & Chappar Purana.

Navras' Mehala series celebrates the rich traditions of the durbar (court) music of Rajasthan. In contrast to the earthy street music of the region, this is a refined semi-classical style, whose compositions would once have been performed in Rajasthan's lavish palaces.

Saraswati Devi Dhandhara's superbly mellifluous voice makes volume three - which consists of romantic melodies - compulsive listening. These are ideally balanced studio recordings, with minimal instrumental accompaniments that transport you to the bygone era of Rajasthan, and its simplicity should make it appealing to a broad range of listeners (as should the comprehensive sleeve notes). A  valuable addition to any Indian music collection. - Raj Chandarana (Songlines World Magazine, July / August 2004)

59:06 min