Mehala - Vol 4: The Palace - Classical Music Of Rajasthan

Saraswati Devi & Heeralal Dhandhada (Vocals) with Violin, Harmonium, Flute, Sarangi, Shahnai, Tabla, Dholak and Dhol. Courtly semi-classical musical riches from Rajasthan. Recorded in India 2002

ID: NRCD 3014

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Tracks: Jodhpuri Juri, Dasi Mharo Maroodo, Manwar, Ittara Gulabi, Mangwado & Turra Re Chayya Chayya.

Navras' Mehala series celebrates the rich traditions of the durbar (court) music of Rajasthan. In contrast to the earthy street music of the region, this is a refined semi-classical style, whose compositions would once have been performed in Rajasthan's lavish palaces.

Volume four focuses on classical tunes, and here vocalist Ram Gopal excels, adding mellow grandeur to highlights based on the morning ragas Asawari and Bhairavi.
These are ideally balanced studio recordings, with minimal instrumental accompaniments that transport you to the bygone era of Rajasthan, and its simplicity should make it appealing to a broad range of listeners (as should the comprehensive sleeve notes). A  valuable addition to any Indian music collection. - Raj Chandarana (Songlines World Magazine, July / August 2004)

57:12 min