Premanand: Sudama Charitra

Shree Dharmiklal Pandya (Maan Bhatt / Clay Pot & Narration) Gujarati devotional poetry, accompanied with unique traditional instrument. Recorded in India 2002

ID: NRCD 3022

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A Gujarati poem by Premanand based on the episode on Sudama from the epic works the Bhaagwat. This story also involves Lord Krishna. The adolescent Krishna goes to obtain knowledge at an ashram where he befriends Sudama. Having shared the experiences of student life the friends part company. Sudama's life is one without much wealth and he lived in a large joint family. His wife requests him to seek help from his friend Krishna. This album depicts Sudama's journey to visit his friend and includes stories of the wealth of Krishna, his lifestyle, the meaning of true friendship and the miracles that Krishna enacts upon to save his friend from embarrassment and economic salvation. A beautiful story captured by Premanand.

56:28 min.