Langas & Manganiars

The Songs Of The Distant Sands - Folk Music of Rajasthan

A selection of vocal and instrumental items under the artistic direction of Shri Komal Kothari, a leading authority on this folk tradition of Rajasthan. Live Concert, London 1995.

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Kadar Khan Langa – Vocal and Sindhi Sarangi
Nake Mohamad Langa – Vocal
Mehruddin Langa – Sindhi Sarangi, Satara & Moorchang
Ramjan Khan Langa – Dholak

Gazi Khan Manganiar – Vocal
Chanan Khan Manganiar – Vocal & Kamaicha
Gazi Khan Barana – Khadtal
Lakha Khan Manganiar – Jadi ki Sarangi & Vocal

1. Roop Nagar Sau Raj - A Bridegroom Song 8:38
Raga Khamaichi, Tula Teental
The song describes a handsome bridegroom who has descended from the world of beauly. Different images are poetically woven in the following lines. The song is rendered during the wedding rituals which lasts for many days. It is also sung during the wedding procession.
2. Maharo Jalalo Bilalo - Awaiting Beloved 5:43
Raga Mand, Tala Kalwada
This song deals with the subject of the anxious heroine waiting for the arrival of the lover or husband. "The night is long and waiting for you is painful. Why did you leave me alone in the night. Let me fly as a bird in the green garden of love. Come soon to me. If I listen to your footstaps returning, I will receive you with great joy" - the content of the poetry draws different images from the rural environment.
3. Satara Solo - Double Flute 9:02
Instrumental solo in Raga Kalyan, an evening melody.
4. Dhan Dhan Halaria Ri Ma - A Child Birth Song 7:37
Raga Sameri, Tala Tintar
5. Banaro - A Bridegroom Song 8:35
Raga Soob
"Banaro" (or "Banado") which literally means bridegroom, refers less to a specific piece than to a vast repertory of wedding songs, the central theme of which is the groom or (new) husband. They are sung several times and at different moments during wedding ceremonies, which in India, as we know, are most important, whatever the social class.
6. Satara & Sarangi Duet - Rag Bhairavi 5:48
7. Gangajal Ghodalio - A Reception Song 13:42
The song proceeds to explore the handsome groom. Each line of the song is long with a lot of words which have less import in terms of content, but work on llie melodic body of the song. The rendering exploits all the rhythmic patterns available in the linear composition. Though it can fall under the category of "Banaro" songs, it is usually sung during the dinner given by the bride's family.
8. Kesaria Ne Kahijo - A Bridegroom Song 6:53
The song is performed in praise of the Bridegroom during the wedding ceremony.

9. Gorbandh - A Song Describing Camel Decoration 7:56
Gorbandh is a song which is rendered joyfully with musical and textual embellishments by the singers any time while entertaining their patrons.

74:00 min.