Drum Heads

EU: 25 € - 99 € (see below)
incl. VAT, plus 13.90 € shipping within Germany / 27.20 € within Europe
Non-EU: 21.01 € - 83.19 € (see below)
plus 27.20 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

We offer replacement heads for all drums from our assortment - dholak, dhol, pakhawaj, mridangam, thavil, kanjira, khol. Due to low demand we keep only a few heads permanently in stock. Please let us know the required size if you send an enquiry or place an order. If that size is not in stock and if you have bought the drum in question from us, we will try to get it from our suppliers in India. However, such custom orders have a waiting time of several months.