Sticks & Finger Caps

EU: 5 € - 19 € see below)
incl. VAT, plus 3.60 € shipping within Germany / 6.90 € within Europe
Non-EU: 4.20 € - 15.96 € (see below)
plus 6.90 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

Some Indian drums require special tools to get the typical crisp sound – we present them here.

Short, thick and heavy sticks are used for the bass head of the thavil.
Thavil stick: 9.90 € EU / 8.32 € non-EU

A thick long beater and a thin long stick are used for the bass and treble heads of the dhol respectively.
Dhol Kachhi/Garba stick set 19 € EU / 15.96 € non-EU

For dhols you need two sticks: A thick one for the bass and a thin one for the treble side. We offer both sticks together as a set. For Bhangra dhol you use a strongly curved bass stick with a pointed end; for Garba/Kachhi dhol a thicker bass stick with only a slight curvature and a doubled treble stick.
Dhol Bhangra stick set: 19 € / 15.96 € non-EU

Hardened finger caps are required to get the proper sound on the treble head of the thavil. We carry them in different sizes.
Thavil finger cap set 4 pcs.: 19 € EU / 15.96 € non-EU
Thavil finger cap single: 5 € EU / 4.20 € non-EU