The Ghatam is a bulgy clay pitcher with thin neck which is open on top. It has sharp treble sounds and an earthy bass and comes from South India. It is played on the lap or is set on a tabla ring.

EU: 269 € (incl. bag & ring)
incl. VAT, plus 16.10 € shipping within Germany / 31.10 € within Europe
Non-EU: 226,05 € (incl. bag & ring)
plus 31.10 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

The ghatam is struck with the fingers and both hands. Belly, neck and upper edge sound different in pitch and timbre. A typical modulatable bass tone is played by striking the opening with the palm.

VEGAN - without parts of animal bodies or substances produced by animals

Sound sample ghatam.


Made of clay, turned on a potter's wheel and then baked, including padded bag and ring.

Manufacturer / Supplier

PALOMA is the international brand name for instruments made by Haribhau Vishwanath from Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Haribhau Vishwanath was founded in 1925 as a small repair business and developed into one of the leading Indian harmonium manufacturers in the course of decades. In addition, Haribhau Vishwanath makes shrutiboxes, santoors, swarmandals and some drums. Haribhau Vishwanath is also an active musical instrument trader and supplies us with some rarely demanded instruments where a direct purchase from the manufacturer is not profitable. Thanks to his good infrastructure and long experience with instrument manufacturing, trading and international shipping, Haribhau currently supplies all common harmonium models and many other instruments constantly in a high quality regarding workmanship. In addition, he excels through attractive innovations, like e.g. the harmonium Compactina or a particular silk-mat finish. Haribhau Vishwanath is a partner of India Instruments since 2005. Today the company is run by Ashish Diwane.


Ghatams are available in different pitches, depending on the overall size, the kind of clay and added materials and the thickness of the walls. Please let us know if you require a specific pitch. The pitches do not match western notes exactly - they usually differ at least by 20 cents. Unfortunately we can not supply ghatams with a more accurate tuning, because our ghatams are baked as a whole piece, so nothing can be added or taken off after the baking in order to adjust the pitch.


Measure: height 34 cm, diameter 28 cm, weight: 4.7 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.