Ghungroos / Footbells Bharata Natyam

South Indian dance styles like bharata natyam use ghungroos with a relatively small number of bells for footwork. The bells are attached to cuffs made of leather or cloth. They always come in pairs.

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The ghungroos bharata natyam are lighter and more comfortable to wear than the kathak ghungroos. Their connection to the feet is a little more loose, therefore they do not allow the same perfect rhythmic accuracy.


Three to four rows of six to ten brass bells per foot, i.e. a total of 48 to 80 bells per pair. Cuffs made of cloth.

General Info

Ghungroos are small bells usually made of brass that are tied to the ankles in Indian dancing. They hardly have any reverb, which enables them to produce the complex rhythmic patterns of classical Indian dance with great accuracy. The number of bells ranges from just a few up to a hundred per foot in different styles.


Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.