Wooden Kartals


Rajasthani kartals are a simple rhythm instrument made of thin hardwood boards. They come from the western Indian state of Rajasthan. They are related to the castanets used in flamenco.

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Rajasthani Kartals are relatively wide and long and are played in two pairs, just like castanets - each hand holds one pair. Their sharp, clear, clacking sound is produced by striking two boards together in one hand.

The alternating clack of the two hands makes it possible to play artful, rousing rhythms. However, fast and clear playing requires a good amount of practice. But even laymen can produce pleasing sounds with the Rajasthani kartals by using them like claves. Rajasthani kartals have been used to the accompany bhajans or for solo performances for centuries. They are usually manufactured by the ethnic groups of the Langas and Manganiyars.

Video impressions of Rajasthani kartals.
Video Tutorial Rajasthani kartals.

VEGAN - without parts of animal bodies or substances produced by animals


Smooth polished hardwood, usually sheeshum or teak.

Manufacturer / Supplier

PALOMA is the international brand name for instruments made by Haribhau Vishwanath from Mumbai (formerly Bombay). Haribhau Vishwanath was founded in 1925 as a small repair business and developed into one of the leading Indian harmonium manufacturers in the course of decades. In addition, Haribhau Vishwanath makes shrutiboxes, santoors, swarmandals and some drums. Haribhau Vishwanath is also an active musical instrument trader and supplies us with some rarely demanded instruments where a direct purchase from the manufacturer is not profitable. Thanks to his good infrastructure and long experience with instrument manufacturing, trading and international shipping, Haribhau currently supplies all common harmonium models and many other instruments constantly in a high quality regarding workmanship. In addition, he excels through attractive innovations, like e.g. the harmonium Compactina or a particular silk-mat finish. Haribhau Vishwanath is a partner of India Instruments since 2005. Today the company is run by Ashish Diwane.


Measure: length 17.5 cm, width 5 cm, depth 0.6 cm, weight: 68 g (pair)
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.