Indigo Masala

Legends of Panipur

Arun Leander (Russian buttoned accordion, vocals), Ravi Srinivasan (tabla, ghatam, vocals, whistling, cabasa, glockenspiel, cymbal), Yogendra (sitar, vocals, triangle, shaker). Published in 2011

ID: JICD 1055

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Magical sitar, groovy tabla and impulsive accordion, exquisitely arranged with captivating vocals,
colourful percussion, exuberant joy, subtle humour and a touch of jazz - the music of Indigo Masala covers the whole range of human expression. It is passionate, energetic, sensitive, meditative and funny - and sometimes all of these at once. The unique compositions, played exclusively on traditional acoustic instruments, move the body as much as the heart and nourish the mind as well the soul - world music for the whole being.

Special guests:
Markus „Be“ Brachtendorf: tin whistle on Migratory Birds, vocals on Lost in Migration

Susanne Paul: 5-string cello on Andalucia, Centopeia, Migratory Birds and Soufflé Rêvant
Ramesh Shotham: morsing on Bhowani Junction, kanjira on Karipap, thavil on Heaven Can Wait

1. Hayy Allah 3:20
2. Bhowani Junction 6:57
3. Migratory Birds 5:47
4. Amrityam 3:30
5. Karipap 3:40
6. Andalucia 5:12
7. Souffl? R?vant 4:04
8. Lost in Migration 5:44
9. Mad Squid 4:26
10. Heaven Can Wait 4:27
11. Centopeia 4:16?12. Asia Imbiss 1:32
Total time 52:55

Indigo Masala have been creating their own unique music since 2005 and released their first album ?Big Gods & Little Animals? in 2008.They draw musical and spiritual inspiration from a wide variety of sources from India, East Asia, the islamic world, Africa, South America, Europe, and, of course, from contemporary global rock, pop and jazz. Although the music of Indigo Masala is not bound to any specific style, they sometimes call it Acoustic Asian World Fusion, implying that it is a blend of musics from all over the world with a distinct Asian flavour and played exclusively on acoustic instruments. This is their second album.