Khan, Amaan & Ayaan Ali (Sarod)


Published in 2006

ID: NRCD 6501

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1. Birth Of The Soul (Raga Bihag)
2. Reincarnation (Raga Puriya Dhanashri)
3. Sacred Truth (Raga Desh)
4. White Lights In The Desert (Raga Darbari)
5. Lonely Spirit (Raga jog)
6. Pathway To The Unknown (Raga Hamsadhwani)
7. Karmic Solution (Raga Kirwani)
8. Final Calling (Raga Ahir Bhairav)
Having sold 450,000 units in India "Reincarnation" the debut new age album from the Khan brothers is released by Navras for worldwide release. Having established themselves as classical artists carrying on the 7th generation sarod tradition, they felt it was time to nurture their 'other' musical interests. Although the album may sound savvy it gives due respect to their tradition of ragas. This is also the first time they have laid down vocal chords for an album. Reincarnation has been the belief of any tradition. From vedic times, the concept of rebirth and reincarnation has always intrigued man. As a human being reincarnates, so does music, as music is a living entity in itself. For the Khan boys every track in this album is a reincarnation of what they might have been like thousands of years ago.

Sawan Dutta: Producer, Programming
Amaan Ali Khan: Composer, Executive Producer, Liner Notes, Primary Artist, Sarod, Vocals
Ayaan Ali Khan: Composer, Performer, Primary Artist