Hemmer, Alice Radha

Alice Radha: 108 Mantras - eBook

eBook with lyrics, chords & video links with harmonium & vocals to 108 mantras from different traditions.

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A wonderful treasure trove to expand your repertoire. The 108 mantras and chants come from a wealth of different traditions. The ebook contains the words for each one with chord symbols above the words. 15 mantras also contain the notes for each chord and the fingers used to play the chords. 30 mantra wordings are written in diacritical Sanskrit. In addition, there is a video link for each mantra. It refers to a short YouTube film in which you can hear the mantra sung, get brief instructions on how to play it and see exactly which keys are pressed and which fingers are used for it by looking at a harmonium keyboard. The ebook is rounded off by an overview table with all possible major and minor triads in root position and first and second inversion - a total of 72 chords.

Ebook means that you will receive a pdf file as an email attachment whith your purchase. When you open the file on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can click on the links to go directly to the videos. Of course you can also print the ebook on paper.

PLEASE NOTE: All written and spoken explanations in the ebook and the videos are in German. If you don‘t know any German you can copy and paste the German passages from the ebook and get them translated by www.deepl.com or similar free online tools. The core of this media combination are the written words and chords of the mantras and their practical video demonstrations, not the German explanations.

Ebook in pdf format, 67 pages, free shipping.

Free preview with table of contents, sample pages, chords inversions and two video trial links: