Tucker, Daniel

Bhakti Breakfast Club

Learn to play your favourite kirtans on harmonium (Euro amount depending on currency exchange rate) monthly online membership fee

EU: 25 $
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Non-EU: 25 $
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Why still buy instructional DVDs for harmonium when such videos are available in abundance and excellent quality on the internet? The Bhakti Breakfast Club of Daniel Tucker makes for perfect learning online! It is probably the best and most comprehensive teaching material for harmonium available anywhere today. For a reasonable monthly fee of 25.- US dollars (about 20.- Euros at current exchange rates), it offers unlimited access to a huge and constantly expandeded treasure of teaching vidos and sheet music in dozens of systematically structured course units.

The Bhakti Breakfast Club is currently made up of four levels:
- Level 1 teaches the theory and practice of harmonium for kirtan accompaniment: construction of the instrument, Western and Indian note names, fingerings, exercises, basic chords, complex chords.
- Level 2 presents the accompaniment to many beautiful kirtans from ancient Indian tradition and from famous contemporary artists such as Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Snatam Kaur and Deva Premal.
- Level 3 provides an opportunity to learn and practice transposing and thus to deepen the understanding of the musical material.
- Level 4 gives practical tips to help with common technical problems and to do small repairs yourself.
- More levels with material for percussion accompaniment and with master classes with renowned artists are in the planning.

At each level, several course units are available, each one presenting its content step by step. Usually this is done in four to five consecutive instructional videos, each about ten minutes long. In addition to the videos, most course units also include notations of exercises or kirtans in separate files. That way the music can be visualised and therefore accessed from another perspective. An overview of all the contents and the first video of each course unit is open to non-members - here you can get a good look at what's in for you, before deciding to join.

Presently (July 2013) the Bhakti Breakfast Club already includes over 30 course units, each with a video length of about 45 minutes - an enormous pool of over 20 hours of inspiring kirtans and musical knowledge! Membership provides unlimited access to all the material - and each month more course units are added! The monthly fee of 25.- US dollars is far below the cost of private lessons or workshop and is payable by credit card. The monthly membership can be canceled at any time with a simple message - there is no minimum membership period or longer cancellation notice period. We find these conditions extremely fair and highly recommended the Bhakti Breakfast Club! If you're ready to go for it you can join here right away!

Daniel Tucker learnt Western music from early childhood. As a young man, he discovered his passion for kirtan and harmonium. He first learnt from different teachers (including Jai Uttal) in California, and then went to the Mayapur, a major center of the Indian kirtan tradition, for in-depth studies. On this basis, he developed his own harmonium teaching system that combines Indian melody and rhythm concepts with Western chords in a unique way. His teaching conveys not only individual songs, but also the basic understanding that enables you to understand the chords, scales and rhythms of kirtan, read notations and continue life-long learning. In addition, he wants to encourage you to deepen your relationship with the divine name, open the heart, develop confidence in your own voice, enjoy public performances, build a love affair with the harmonium and sing out every day.