Paul, Bhagavantee A.

Harmonium spielen - Ein Handbuch für Einsteiger

Systematic short presentation of western scales and chord models for harmonium playing.

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The book starts with a short introduction to history, care and the basics of playing. Next are simple exercises: Playing with twins and triplets in pentatonic five-note scales is fun even for total beginners and trains the flexibility and coordination of all five fingers.
Now it's off to music theory: All the sharp, flat, major and minor scales of classical western music theory are introduced in western notation, starting with the C major scale. Then it goes to intervals, chords, chord inversions and rhythm. This is followed by chord charts in graphic presentation on a keyboard diagram. Finally, there are nine notated spiritual songs for practice. The first three have chord accompaniment and fingering written out. For all the others, only the melody, text and chord symbols are given.
The booklet can be helpful if you
- are already somewhat familiar with western notation and now want to play notated melodies and their chord accompaniment on the harmonium
- want to know which fingerings you can use on the harmonium to play the chords that are often indicated with letters above notated melodies
- want to better understand the system of sharp and flat note symbols in notated melodies, so that you can read them more easily and play them on the harmonium
You probably won't find the booklet helpful if you
- want to play the harmonium intuitively
- need detailed explanations and small steps and exercises for learning
- learn best by listening, watching and imitating
- have already thoroughly learned to play western music using staff notation on a keyboard instrument
Bhagavantee A. Paul started learning to play the piano at the age of six and then remained faithful to classical music for many years. Later she got to know a new fascinating world of music on the spiritual path of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). She teaches meditation, yoga and music.
27 pages, A4, numerous graphics and notations in German.