Tucker, Daniel

Playing Kirtan on Harmonium - DVD

A fun step-by-step introduction to the squeeze box - DVD

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This is probably the best introduction to the harmonium that is currently available. Perfect for beginners with no musical training - no prior knowledge required! Daniel Tucker shows and explains the most important basics systematically, clearly and with infectious enthusiasm. He addresses all kirtan friends, who like to sing with harmonium accompaniment alone or together with others, as well as yoga teachers who want to use the harmonium as support in their classes.

The contents:
* Introduction 3:40
* Structure of the harmonium and function of various parts of a simple folding harmonium 14:35
* Om chanting with drone sound, setting the desired drone notes, pumping technique 7:00
* Musical basics, Indian note names, fingering for major scale 10:05
* Accompaniment for mantra Lokah Samastah with drone and bass 7:30
* Further learning options 2:20

Daniel Tucker learnt Western music from early childhood. As a young man, he discovered his passion for kirtan and harmonium. He first learnt from different teachers (including Jai Uttal) in California, and then went to the Mayapur, a major center of the Indian kirtan tradition, for in-depth studies. On this basis, he developed his own harmonium teaching system that combines Indian melody and rhythm concepts with Western chords in a unique way. His teaching conveys not only individual songs, but also the basic understanding that enables you to understand the chords, scales and rhythms of kirtan, read notations and continue life-long learning. In addition, he wants to encourage you to deepen your relationship with the divine name, open the heart, develop confidence in your own voice, enjoy public performances, build a love affair with the harmonium and sing out every day.

DVD produced in 2013, playing time 45:10.