Harmonium Tirupati Basic Pro

The Tirupati Basic Pro is a particularly simple, small, light, robust and inexpensive harmonium with a warm, rich sound. It‘s a perfect second instrument for classes, workshops and rehearsals and a great mobile accompaniment for frequent travellers.

EU: 427,93 € (incl. bag)
incl. 16% VAT, plus 6.90 € shipping within Germany / 6.90 € within Europe
Non-EU: 368.91 € (incl. bag)
plus 6.90 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

The Tirupati Basic Pro, just like almost all common harmonium models, has two sets of reeds for sound production in bass and male register. This makes it sound similarly rich, warm and full as other harmoniums. The absence of extras like separate air chambers, drone notes, octave coupler or scale changer makes this harmonium surprisingly light. Despite its small size, it is relatively easy to play simple chords evenly without getting disturbing volume fluctuations, or to produce softer notes. Thanks to the very simple construction without any frills, the Tirupati Basic Pro is also particularly robust. All this makes it a perfect accompaniment for mobile people who usually have to carry the instrument by themselves. It offers little scope for higher artistic ambitions, though.


- 27 simple stick keys
- range of two octaves and one whole tone from G2 to A4
- two reeds per note in bass and male register
- top fold bellows
- high-gloss shellac polish
- cabinet made of pine wood
- removable cover (jali) over key mechanism
- metal handles
- incl. padded bag with shoulder strap

Pine wood is mainly used for harmoniums in the area around Delhi. It is lighter, but also much softer than the teak wood used in Mumbai and Kolkata. Therefore many pine harmoniums get small dents or other blemishes during production and transport to Europe - these are caused by the material and are not to be regarded as defects.

General Info

Harmoniums are not always tuned to Western a = 440 Hertz. In many cases they are set slightly higher to a = 442 Hertz. However, bigger variations up or down can occur as well. This can cause problems in playing together with Western instruments with fixed tuning (e.g. piano). IF YOU INTEND USING YOUR HARMONIUM IN A CONTEXT WHICH REQUIRES EXACT TUNING ACCORDING TO A SPECIFIC WESTERN STANDARD, PLEASE MENTION SO IN YOUR ORDER! We'll be glad to select or tune your harmonium according to your requirements.

Manufacturer / Supplier

TIRUPATI is the international brand name for instruments from Sharma Musicals in Ghaziabad, a neighbouring city of Delhi. Sharma Musicals was founded in 1934 by Jagdish Prasad Sharma and is today one of the leading Indian harmonium makers. The current manager Mayank Sharma runs the business in the fourth generation. Thanks to solid infrastructure, long experience and good quality awareness, Sharma Musicals is a reliable supplier of all harmonium models typical of Delhi and North-West India. Instruments from Sharma Musicals are also marketed in the USA and are sold there under the name Bhava Harmonium. They are recommended by renowned kirtan teacher Daniel Tucker. Sharma Musicals is a partner of India Instruments since 2016.


Our harmoniums are tuned in equal temperament to Western standard pitch with a = 440 hertz. However, due to lower average air temperatures, they usually sound slightly higher at a = 441 to 442 hertz in Europe. The difference is so small, that even trained ears do not necessarily notice it. Nevertheless the difference may create problems in studio productions or when playing together with instruments with a tuning that can not easily be adjusted. Therefore we offer individual manual tuning to a = 440 hertz (or any other reference pitch close to that) with a surcharge on request. Please contact us if you're interested in that.


Dimensions: height 23 cm, width 40 cm depth 23 cm, weight 4.7 kg
Each instrument is individually made by hand and may differ from our description.