Monoj Kumar Sardar Premium Coupler

Premium Coupler from Monoj Kumar Sardar is ideal for musicians, who seek a high quality instrument with full tonal range and a particularly powerful sound (e. g. for accompaniment of group singing or playing together with other instruments) for regular use.

EU: 889 € (incl. bag)
incl. VAT, plus 22.90 € shipping within Germany / 41.20 € within Europe
Non-EU: 747,06 € (incl. bag)
plus 41.20 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

The 42 keys have a tonal range of three and a half octaves. Each note is fitted with two reeds in middle and low octave (male / bass). They can be played separately or in combination, giving three different tonal colours. When using the octave coupler up to four reeds can be played simultaneously with just one key, creating a powerful, rich and carrying sound. However, the more reeds are used the more air needs to be pumped with the bellows. The multifold side bellows give you all possibilities of using air supply for dynamic artistic expression. One register stop produces a kind of tremolo sound. The level height of the keys can be adjusted.

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Sound sample Monoj Kumar Sardar Coupler
- complete melodic range with both registers
- three-note chords in middle range
- complete melodic range with both registers without cover (jali)


Total range of 3 1/2 octaves (= 42 notes), double reeds (male / bass), four register stops, one of them tremolo, five drone stops, lower octave coupler, 5-fold side bellows, adjustable keys, cabinet made of teak wood, wedges for easy opening, surfaces silk mat or high glossy polish, including bag.

Manufacturer / Supplier

MONOJ KUMAR SARDAR & BROTHERS is a relatively large-scale manufacturer in the heart of Calcutta looking back on a rich tradition of three generations. It is run by four brothers, all of them trained craftsmen specialising in different aspects of instrument making. They mainly make sitars, tanpuras, esrajs, dilrubas, harmoniums and shrutiboxes. But the eldest brother and manager Monoj Kumar will get you every other instrument that is manufactured in India as well. Due to our long-term co-operation with Monoj Kumar Sardar since 1994, we receive instruments with a high quality level in terms of sound, workmanship and materials. Today Monoj Kumar Sardar's quality can well compete with other renowned brands like Hemen and Hiren Roy for string instruments or Pakrashi, Paul and Bina for harmoniums.


In India, our harmoniums are tuned in equal temperament to Western standard pitch with a = 440 hertz. However, due to lower average air temperatures, they often sound slightly higher at a = 441 to 442 hertz in Europe. The difference is so small, that even trained ears do not necessarily notice it. Nevertheless the difference may create problems in studio productions or when playing together with instruments with a tuning that can not easily be adjusted. Therefore we offer individual manual tuning to a = 440 hertz (or any other reference pitch close to that) on request without extra cost. We can also supply custom-made harmoniums with considerably different tunings (e.g. a = 432 hertz). Please contact us if you're interested in that.


Measure: height 30 cm, width 63 cm, depth 29 cm, weight: 12 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

Register & Drone

Monoj Kumar Sardar Premium Coupler Details