Shanti Kirtan Classic 432

The Shanti Kirtan Classic 432 is tuned to 432 Hertz instead of the usual 440 Hertz. It is a good choice for beginners and kirtan singers. Its main features are equivalent to our Kirtan Classic armoniums from Tirupati and Paloma, the 23 B from Bina, and other similar models of other brands.

EU: 589 € (incl. bag)
incl. 19% VAT, plus 6.90 € shipping within Germany / 6.90 € within Europe
Non-EU: 494.96 € (incl. bag)
plus 6.90 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

Some people find the lower tuning at 432 Hertz softer, more harmonious and soothing than the widespread standard of 440 Hertz. However, the 432 tuning can make it impossible to play this model together with other instruments, because you can not change a harmonium's tuning just like that.

Thanks to Krishna Das or Jai Uttal, the design with fold-down bellows, integrated case, double reeds and simple stick keys is a classic in the western kirtan scene. Its simplicity makes it both inexpensive and robust. Double reeds, octave couplerand three drone notes provide a full, brilliant sound. The folding mechanism makes it so compact that you can still carry it with just one hand.

Sound sample Shanti Kirtan Classic 432
- complete melodic range with both registers
- three-note chords in middle range
- complete melodic range with both registers without cover (jali)


- 39 simple stick keys
- range of 3 1/4 octaves from c to d
- two high quality reeds per note in medium and low register
- four register stops for separate or joint playing of the middle and low registers
- three drone stops
- higher octave coupler for particularly brilliant sound
- rear-opening bellows with multiple folds
- removable cover plate with glass pane
- high-gloss varnish (transparent or wine red)
- folding mechanism for sinking into the built-in case
- including padded carrying bag
- case and frame made of pine wood

Pine wood is mainly used for harmoniums in the Delhi area and is much softer than teak, which is more common in Mumbai and Calcutta. That is why many pine wood harmoniums get small dents or other blemishes during production and transport to Europe - these are material-related and not to be regarded as defects.

Manufacturer / Supplier

SHANTI is our brand name for instruments from Kaayna Musicals in Ghaziabad, a neighbouring city of Delhi. Kaayna Musicals has become a partner of India Instruments  in 2018. 


This harmonium is tuned in India in equal temperament to the Western note a with 432 hertz. In slightly colder climate (e.g. in most of Europe), however, it usually sound a little higher at a = 433 Hertz. The difference is so small that even trained ears will not necessarily notice it. For an extra charge, however, we can manually adjust it to exactly 432 Hertz on request. This model is not suitable for playing with instruments which can not be adjusted to the 432 hertz tuning. 


Dimensions folded: height 18 cm, width 55 cm, depth 30 cm 
Dimensions unfolded: height 34 cm, width 55 cm, depth 32 cm
Weight: 9.3 kg

Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.