Tirupati Standard OM white

Looking for a harmonium that stands out from the usual brown wood colours? Here it is! White lacquer, red fabric, silver fittings and the carved OM symbol create a very special look. And musically this model leaves hardly anything to be desired.

EU: 629 € (incl. bag)
incl. VAT, plus 13.90 € shipping within Germany / 32.20 € within Europe
Non-EU: 528,57 €
plus 32.20 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

According to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the colour white is said to calm the mind, strengthen the aura and enhance consciousness. White embodies the light that protects us from negative influences. In the West white symbolises purity and innocence. For spiritual practitioners these can be good reasons to choose a white harmonium. Double reeds give the Tirupati Standard OM white a full, warm, rich sound. The octave coupler provides special brilliance and radiance when needed. The range of 3 ½ octaves gives full scope of musical possibilities. And the inner bellows gives a very good sustain due to its large size and soft spring setup. A good instrument for people with demands beyond the basic requirements.

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Sound sample Harmonium Tirupati Standard OM white
- complete melodic range with both registers
- three-note chords in middle range
- complete melodic range with both registers without cover (jali)


- 42 simple stick keys
- range of 3 octaves and 5 notes from C to F
- two high-quality reeds per note in low and middle register (bass / male)
- 5 register stops for playing middle and low registers together or separately
- 4 drone stops for notes C, D, G, A
- multifold side bellows
- upper octave coupler
- glossy white lacquer
- cabinet made of pine wood
- removable lid (Jali) with carved OM symbol
- metal handles
- incl. padded bag

Pine wood is mainly used for harmoniums in the area around Delhi. It is lighter, but also much softer than the teak wood used in Mumbai and Kolkata. Therefore many pine harmoniums get small dents or other blemishes during production and transport to Europe - these are caused by the material and are not to be regarded as defects.

General Info

Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description (e.g. in colour or ornamentation).

Manufacturer / Supplier

TIRUPATI is the international brand name for instruments from Sharma Musicals in Ghaziabad, a neighbouring city of Delhi. Sharma Musicals was founded in 1934 by Jagdish Prasad Sharma and is today one of the leading Indian harmonium makers. The current manager Mayank Sharma runs the business in the fourth generation. Thanks to solid infrastructure, long experience and good quality awareness, Sharma Musicals is a reliable supplier of all harmonium models typical of Delhi and North-West India. In 2014 and the following years, instruments from Sharma Musicals had temporarily been sold in the USA under the name Bhava Harmonium and were recommended by renowned kirtan teacher Daniel Tucker back then. Sharma Musicals is a partner of India Instruments since 2016.


In India, our harmoniums are tuned in equal temperament to Western standard pitch with a = 440 hertz. However, due to lower average air temperatures, they often sound slightly higher at a = 441 to 442 hertz in Europe. The difference is so small, that even trained ears do not necessarily notice it. Nevertheless the difference may create problems in studio productions or when playing together with instruments with a tuning that can not easily be adjusted. Therefore we offer individual manual tuning to a = 440 hertz (or any other reference pitch close to that) on request without extra cost. We can also supply custom-made harmoniums with considerably different tunings (e.g. a = 432 hertz). Please contact us if you're interested in that.


Dimensions: height 28 cm, width 61 cm depth 33 cm, weight 10.5 kg
Each instrument is individually made by hand and may differ from our description.

Register & Drone

Tirupati Standard OM Details