Harmoniums can produce chords, melody and drones all at once. They create a warm, rich, natural sound and are easy to play. These features make them the most popular instruments for the accompaniment of any style of classical, devotional or popular singing in India. Their keyboard makes them perfectly compatible to Western music, too.

You can find our Special Offers for Harmoniums here.

Paloma Maestro – top model, utmost quality in sound, workmanship and materials, triple reeds, easy handling
Price: 1,389.- Euro

Paloma Scale-Changer – triple reeds, octave coupler, movable keyboard, foldable, best quality
Price: 1,289.- Euro

Monoj Kumar Sardar Scale-Changer – triple reeds, octave coupler, moveable keyboard, foldable, very good quality
Price: 1,189.- Euro

P. & Brothers Maestro – great sound, sustain and quality, triple reeds, low octave coupler, sturdy
Price: 1,089.- Euro

Paloma Premium – top of the line quality, double reeds, warm sound
Price: 889.-

Paloma Compactina – top of the line quality, extra slim, double reeds, warm sound
Price: 889.-

Monoj Kumar Sardar Coupler – double reeds, octave coupler, very good quality
Price: 859.-

Tirupati Kirtan Premiumimproved version of the Kirtan Classic with better folding mechanism
Price: 659.-

Paloma Kirtan Classic – the most popular harmonium amongst Western kirtan artists
Price: 629.-

Paloma Companion – top of the line quality, extra compact and light, double reeds, warm sound
Price: 629.- Euro

Tirupati Kirtan Classic – the popular classic in better quality
Price: 589.- Euro

Shanti Compactina Mini – smaller, lighter and cheaper alternative to Paloma Compactina
Price: 589.- Euro

Paloma Standard – good quality standard, inexpensive, simple stick key mechanism
Price: 529.- Euro

Tirupati Standard – perfect for beginners, good quality standard and all essential features at low price
Price: 489.- Euro

Tirupati Kirtan Mini – smaller version of the popular classic on the go
Price: 489.- Euro

Tirupati Harinam – particularly small, light and sturdy with penetrating powerful sound
Price: 389.- Euro

Tirupati Basic - simple, small, light, robust and inexpensive with a warm sound
Price: 289.- Euro