Kumaresh, Jayanthi (Saraswati Veena), Mazumdar, Gaurav (Sitar)

Walking Together - Ragas Kalavati, Yaman / Kalyani & Bhajan

Debasish Mukherjee (tabla), Satish Kumar (mridangam)

ID: NRCD 0212

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In this album Jayanthi Kumaresh and Gaurav Mazumdar bring together two great classical traditions of Indian music together, she from the perspective of Carnatic (South Indian) and he Hindustani (North Indian).

Gaurav is not only from a well known musical family himself but his sitar guru was none other than Pandit Ravi Shankar. He has toured extensively around the world with the famous veteran. Like his guru he has tended to step outside of the mould in both Indian musical terms by working with Carnatic artists as well as working with western artists such as Philip Glass, Daniel Hope, Kenny Werner and the English Chamber Orchestra, meriting a Grammy nomination for his "East Meets West" album.

Jayanthi was born into the famous Lalgudi family of musicians. She began to learn to play the veena at the tender age of 4. With performances all over India and the west she has received great accolades, Jayanthi has established herself as a leading performer and teacher of both the veena and singing.