Newsletter October 2010

1. New Web Site
- Company Info -

After more than two years' work, our newly designed German website finally went online on October 10th! Our main concern is to make the use of our site easier, more pleasant and more convenient for you. For that purpose we have revised hundreds of pages, created a new layout and a new structure, made new photos, texts and sound samples, added new functions and developed new technical solutions. It is a major project for India Instruments, and we have put an enormous amount of labor and creative energy into it. We are pleased that we can present a first result now.

We have already started working on the English version, too, and we hope to have it ready within the next few months. Meanwhile you might like to use the new German site, if you have some basic understanding of German. Please use the free translation tool at to translate anything that you don't understand. And feel free to ask us any question, of course. If you have no idea of German at all, it might be better to keep on using the old English website at LINK until the new English version is ready.

Here are some feature of the new German website:

Better orientation and easier navigation:

  • The header gives access to the main sections of the site.
  • A search function is integrated to the right of the header.
  • The left link bar provides an overview of the area you are in.
  • The right link bar shows subcategories like individual articles, financial details and background information.
  • There is the price and a summary in the right link bar for all instruments and most accessories.
  • A line above the green highlighted page title shows where you are. This line can be used to navigate.
  • Impotant info about India Instruments and the ordering process is available on the left of all catalog pages, under "information".

More clarity and eye-friendliness, less scrolling and clicking around:

  • Light, modern and high-contrast colour schemes and layout photos give the eye more space.
  • Clicking on the photos flips open albums with enlarged images.
  • Overview pages and images on the left link bar provide visual orientation.
  • Detailed information about each instrument is in text boxes. Find ot more by clicking on the tabs.
  • Detailed info about many media can be flipped open or close by clicking on the text boxes.

Communicate with us directly from the website:

  • Send us messages with the inquiry form right below the search box.
  • Send your order directly with all the necessary information by using the order form right below the inquiry button.
  • Open an e-mail form to order our newsletter at the link "Newsletter Abo" right under "Sonstiges".

Why do we have consciously decided against a real online shopping system?
We do not offer industrially produced mass goods (except in the media section), but hand-built, often very unusual individual items. We try to provide information on these items in as much detail as possible. And we strive constantly to keep them stocked in consistent quality. However, experience shows that there are always unpredictable fluctuations in availability, colours, features and quality, and that sales without individual professional advice often lead to unnecessary difficulties. We therefore wish to bring our extensive experience and knowledge into the dialogue with you at every major purchase, in order to satisfy your individual needs in the best possible way.

We hope that you enjoy our new website - and look forward to your feedback!


2. Workshops & Courses in Autumn
- Scene Info -

The annual workshop of the Academy of Kathak Dance will take place in Berlin from October 10th till 24th. Intensive Kathak dance classes are taught by the academy's director, Ioanna Srinivasan. Various levels of difficulty are offered - from beginners to professionals. A truely unique feature is the live music accompaniment by tabla player Ravi Srinivasan. Info:

The 25th annual seminar of the Ali Akbar College of Music Switzerland will take place in Basel from November 21st till 28th. Directed by Swapan Chaudhuri, Ken Zuckerman, Daniel Bradley and Henry Nagelberg, the seminar is a wonderful opportunity to study, practice and exchange ideas for all Indian music lovers - from beginners to professionals! The seminar traditionally includes teaching modules of singing, instrumental (sitar, sarod, flute, violin, guitar and other melody instruments), tabla and rhythm as well as detailed review classes. There are special introductory classes for beginners from November 26th till 28th. On November 27th, there will be a gala concert with Ken Zuckerman (sarod), Swapan Chaudhuri (tabla), Dominique Vellard (voice) and the trio Chemirani (percussion). Detailed information about the teachers, schedule, cost, registration and accommodation will be available soon on at

Starting from October, the renowned musicologist and flutist Ludwig Pesch offers another online course titled "The Music of South India". Language of instruction is English. In addition to the electronic teaching materials, the students will receive a copy of Ludwig Pesch's standard work "The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Music", published 2009 in its second edition and highly praised by the Indian press. Special insights will be given by veena player and singer Sreevidhya Chandramouli, singer Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam and drummer TR Sundaresan. Info:


3. Auszeichnung für Radel Electronics
- Scene Info -

The manufacturer of the time-tested tabla and tanpura machines Taalmala and Saarang, Radel Electronics from Bangalore, has received the Indian government's "National Award of Special Recognition for Research & Development for 2009". The award ceremony took place on August 31st in New Delhi.

Radel Electronics is a pioneer in the development and marketing of electronic instruments specifically for Indian music. In 1971 the first electronic Shrutibox was developed, in 1979 the first model of the electronic tanpura Saarang hit the market, followed in 1988 by Taalmala, the first electronic tabla. The assortment has continuously improved in sound quality, musical functions and design over the years, thanks to ongoing development. In 2002, the first electronic Saraswati-Vina was released, followed by an electronic Swarmandal in 2006. Instruments from Radel are not only innovative but also easy to use and very reliable. Radel is now the world's only manufacturer of Indian electronic instruments who has been certified according to the standard ISO 9001 for quality management. Radel's instruments are used by L Subramaniam, Pandit Jasraj, S. Balachander, Bhimsen Joshi Ravi Shankar, Amjad Ali Khan and Shubha Mudgal.

The company's founder, G. Raj Narayan, a graduate electrical engineer, comes from a musical family and is a renowned performer on the bamboo flute in the Carnatic tradition of South India. The classification as an A-grade artist at All India Radio, and numerous records for the TV station Doordarshan speak for themselves. After 10 years of work experience as designer of air and space systems, he began to transfer his experience to advanced electronic instruments for Indian music practice. He founded Radel Electronics in 1979 as a small garage company. Today the company is active worldwide with highly qualified employees and resides with separate departments for product development, production, marketing and management in its own building in the prestigious Electronic City in the hi-tech metropolis of Bangalore.

India Instruments offers the following Radel products:

Tabla Taalmala DIGI-60S
Lahara Sunadamala
Swarmandal Swaroopini
Tanpura Saarang Magic ZX
Tanpura Saarang Maestro
Tanpura Saarang Sparshini

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