Khalaj, Madjid

Tombak - 2 DVDs & Booklet

Madjid Khalaj's tombak DVD set includes four elements: A practical guide to playing the Iranian tombak with stroke techniques, compositions and improvisations, an 80 page booklet with scores and background information, a solo concert video, a documentary about traditional tombak manufacturing in Iran

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Madjid Khaladj demonstrates holding the instrument and the various strokes for the tombak - tom, bak, pleng miyan, shrh and riz (different techniques for drum rolls). This progressive course relies on learning two pieces from the repertoire of Master Hosein Tehrni, composer and undisputed reference in the rebirth of the tombak. In the course of learning the various parts of these suites, you will master both the fundamental technique and the interpretation of the piece in 6/8 and the Fantasia suite composed by Master Tehrni.
Length: 2 hours 5 minutes.

The accompanying 80 page booklet includes the scores of the pieces in 6/8 and the Fantasia composed by Hossein Tehrni and studied during the course. An improvisation technique based on the atnine system, historical notes, a conversation with Madjid Khaladj, photos and technical information about Iranian percussion instruments and the various playing strokes completes this work. Text in French and English. A method conceived by Madjid Khaladj and Philippe Nasse.

Solo concert with the following items:

  • Nafas I- tombak, prose, onomatopoeas
  • Naqsh dar naqsh II- tombak
  • Parande-y royaha II- zang-e saringshti
  • Sahand - daf - Dayre III - dayre.Compositions by Madjid Khaladj
    Iranian Art Percussion,Netherland's Tour 2002, filmed in public.
    Length: 25 minutes

The documentary Echo of Dreams shows Iranian craftsmen making tombaks.
Length: 21 minutes.

Born at Qazvin (Iran) in 1962, Madjid Khaladj started to study the Tombak at the age of seven. A traditional musician, accomplished teacher and player of many instruments, he is unanimously acclaimed as a master of Iranian percussion. Among those he has played with are: Hossein Alizadeh, Dariush Tala'i and Hossein Omoumi. He pursues many activities on an international scale: festivals, concerts, conferences, film music (notably with Ry Cooder and Lisa Gerrard). His music has taken him to the four corners of the world: in Europe, the USA and Japan, where he has played with such celebrated percussionists as Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain and Doudou N'diaye Rose.