Courtney, David

Tintal Lahara 2 CDs

The tintal lahara CD sets are a high-quality, lightweight and cheap alternative to electronic lahara machines.

EU: 19,95 €
incl. VAT, plus 3.60 € shipping within Germany / 9.90 € within Europe
Non-EU: 16,76 €
plus 9.90 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

Each tintal lahara 2-CD set contains 10 tracks of continuosly repeated melody (lahara / nagma) in rhythm cycle tintal (16 beats in 4 x 4) in different speeds from very slow to very fast. They are meant as accompaniment for tabla players and kathak dancers. Total playing time is approx. 150 minutes.

The tintal lahara 2-CD sets are available in the keys of G, A and A#.
Key of G works for tablas in G (Sa / tonic), D (Pa / fifth), C (Shuddha Ma / fourth), H (Shuddha Ga / major third).
Key of A works for tablas in A (Sa / tonic), E (Pa / fifth), D (Shuddha Ma / fourth), C# (shuddha Ga / major third).
Key of A# works for tablas in A# (Sa / tonic), F (Pa / fifth), D# (Shuddha Ma / fourth), D (Shuddha Ga / major third).
Please specify the required key with your order! Or let us know the pitch of your tabla - then we will select an appropriate key for you!

Track list (each track approx. 15 minutes)
CD 1
1. Raga Desh 50 bpm 
2. Raga Desh 60 bpm 
3. Raga Desh 70 bpm 
4. Raga Pilu 85 bpm
5. Raga Pilu 100 bpm

CD 2
1. Raga Pilu 120 bpm 
2. Raga Pilu 140 bpm 
3. Raga Pilu 170 bpm 
4. Raga Khambavati 200 bpm 
5. Raga Khambavati 240 bpm
(bpm = beats per minute)

Recorded in the USA by David Courtney with harmonium, santoor and tanpura.