Monoj Kumar Sardar large 432

The Shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar large 432 offers a balanced, warm, full tone with long sustain, wide dynamic range and easy playability. Its tuning to 432 hertz is said to be particularly relaxing and healing.

EU: 329 € (incl. bag)
incl. VAT, plus 10.90 € shipping within Germany / 24.20 € within Europe
Non-EU: 276,47 € (incl. bag)
plus 24.20 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

Some people find the significantly lower tuning to 432 hertz softer and more relaxing or consider it generally more natural, harmonious and healing than the standard tuning to 440 hertz. Since shrutiboxes cannot be re-tuned at will, however, the 432 tuning makes it impossible to play this model together with instruments in standard 440 hertz tuning.

The large frame provides a much larger bellows volume as compared to smaller models, which permits an accurate dosing of air supply. In this way, the sound can be kept constant effortlessly even when three notes are played simultaneously. Additionally, the volume can be varied considerably wider and finer from evenly tender and low to constantly powerful loud. The larger resonating chamber provides moreover for a somewhat fuller overall sound. Despite its larger dimensions and heaviness, Monoj Kumar Sardar's shrutibox large can still be taken around without any difficulty. Only if you have to carry a lot of other stuff and if you are travelling by public transport or by foot, shape and weight might become inconvenient.

Can be played with Bowring foot pedal.

Sound sample Monoj Kumar Sardar large 432 hertz
- octave in C major scale
- three-note chord C-E-G


13 chromatically tuned notes from c to c' (C3 to C4 in scientific terms); all notes tuned equally tempered to pitch a' (A4) = 432 hertz; frame made of solid teak wood; surfaces with silk mat synthetic varnish; side parts made of laminated wood; feet, handle and latch made of metall; valves made of plastic; bellows made of cardboard with leather blockings; including sturdy bag.

Manufacturer / Supplier

MONOJ KUMAR SARDAR & BROTHERS is a relatively large-scale manufacturer in the heart of Calcutta looking back on a rich tradition of three generations. It is run by four brothers, all of them trained craftsmen specialising in different aspects of instrument making. They mainly make sitars, tanpuras, esrajs, dilrubas, harmoniums and shrutiboxes. But the eldest brother and manager Monoj Kumar will get you every other instrument that is manufactured in India as well. Due to our long-term co-operation with Monoj Kumar Sardar since 1994, we receive instruments with a high quality level in terms of sound, workmanship and materials. Today Monoj Kumar Sardar's quality can well compete with other renowned brands like Hemen and Hiren Roy for string instruments or Pakrashi, Paul and Bina for harmoniums.


This shrutibox model is tuned in equal temperament to a reference pitch of a = 432 hertz. Our skilled workshop team in Berlin makes sure about the accuracy of the tuning. It has 13 chromatic notes from c to c' (C3 to C4 in scientific terms). Each of the twelve halftones occurs at least once in this range. To achieve a full sound, an additional fifth or fourth up or down can be played together with each note, offering multiple possibilities of tonics and harmonies.


Measure: 41 x 33 x 9 cm, weight: 4.4 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.