Frets & Fret Silk

EU: 5 € - 59 € (see below)
incl. VAT, plus 3.60 € shipping within Germany / 9.90 € within Europe
Non-EU: 4.20 € - 49.58 € (see below)
plus 9.90 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

Frets for sitar are available individually or in a compelete set of 20 frets for one sitar.
Frets are not standardised. They vary in length, diameter and curvature. Therefore individual spare frets must be adjusted to the existing frets by bending them by hand. Our fret blanks are relatively flat (see picture) with a length of about 9.7 cm and a diameter of about 4.9 mm.

Sitar fret set (20 pcs.): 59.- € EU / 49.58 € non-EU
Sitar fret single: 5.- € EU / 4.20 € non-EU

Fret silk is available in so-called bundles. One bundle contains enough material for binding at least all the frets of one sitar. Great care is recommended when unwinding the bundle, because the thread tends to get tangled easily and is very difficult to disentangle later on. The twirled single strands of our fret silk make very good snare threads for tanpuras, too.

A video guide to tying frets is available here

Fret silk bundle: 8.- € EU / 6.72 € non-EU