Tuning Aid for Sympathetics (Narka)

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Non-EU: 15.96 €
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Tuning the sympathetic strings of instruments like sitar, sarod, sarangi, esraj and dilruba can be a very difficult task – it can be very tough to get a good grip on the small pegs and move them without jerks and slipping. Sometimes people just give up, play with their sympathetic strings out of tune and thus sacrifice the full potential beauty of sound.

A solution to this problem is the mechanical tuning aid called narka. The narka is set tightly onto the peg like a wrench. It can be gripped with the whole hand and thus allows a fine and exact movement of the peg. Tuning each sympathetic string to the exact pitch becomes much faster and easier like that.


Our narkas fit flat peg heads with a maximum size of 19 x 10 mm.