Tunable Kanjeera

Traditionally the small South Indian frame drum kanjeera is tuned by applying a bit of water to the skin before playing. The simplicity of this technique is compelling, but it also has serious practical disadvantages: The humidity of the skin needs to be readjusted time and again, and it is hardly possible to tune to an exact pitch and maintain it throughout a performance.

EU: 180 €
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Non-EU: 121.26 €
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Majid Karami's kanjeera solves these problems with a sophisticated system of separate inner and outer frame rings and elevating screws. That system makes it possible to raise or lower the inner frame ring in relation to the outer and thus adjust the skin tension very precisely according to requirements. Standard setup is a goat skin head. Alternatively a fish skin head is available on request.

Solo on traditionel kanjeera by Guruprasanna.

Manufacturer / Supplier

MAJID KARAMI is an innovative percussionist, sound artist and instrument maker based in Cologne. He has been working on the improvement of traditional instruments and the design of new instruments for several decades. In the process he cooperates with renowned percussionists like Hakim Ludin, Ramesh Shotham or Rhani Krija. All his instruments are individually hand-made and are of highest professional quality.


Size: diamter ca. 19 cm; height ca. 7 cm, weight: 0.35 kg