Covers for Drum Heads

EU: 10 € - 19 € (see below)
incl. VAT, plus 8.20 € shipping within Germany / 23.10 € within Europe
Non-EU: 8.40 € - 15.97 € (see below)
plus 23.10 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

The heads are the heart and also the most sensitive parts of tabla, baya, pakhawaj, khol or mridangam. Moisture or mechanical impact can damage them permanently. Therefore protective covers are highly recommended.

Our 3-layered fiberglass covers are the best protection for all sensitive drum heads. The tough fiberglass panel on the outside absorbs shocks and impacts. A foam layer in the middle dampens and distributes pressure from the top. And the fabric layer inside gives an attractive look and snuggles gently to the head. A decorative border around the rim gives an elegant appearance. The fibreglass covers can be securely fastened to the instrument with four strings.

Cover pair tabla & baya: 19 € EU / 15.97 € non-EU
Cover only tabla: 10 € EU / 8.40 € non-EU
Cover only baya: 10 € EU / 8.40 € non-EU

All covers are hand-made and vary in colour and ornamentation. The images only give examples. Please let us know if you prefer a specific colour or design when ordering.