The Tabla with Pandit Shankar Ghosh - DVD & Booklet

This practical teaching DVD is especially suitable for beginners and intermediate tabla players, who have already learnt the basic techniques and need a guide into the classical Indian repertory now. It contains an interesting documentary on tabla making and tabla playing in Calcutta as well.

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Non-EU: 37.82 €
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Veteran maestro Shankar Ghosh (* 1935) is an internationally acclaimed performer of the Calcutta-Farukhabad-style. The DVD contains the chapters introduction, kaida, rela, laggi, theka, tukra, gat, chakradar and tuning (75 minutes) plus 47 min of documentary. All bols taught in the DVD are given in writing in the accompanying booklet (84 pages). The various strokes are briefly shown, too. However, for beginners who start tabla from scratch we rather recommend the double DVD "The Magic of Rhythm - Tabla-Tutor 1" by Sajal Karmakar.

DVD 122 minutes, booklet 84 pages, bi-lingual English / French