Dayan Single Calcutta Standard

The Calcutta Standard single dayan offers our best value for money. It is ideal for beginners.

EU: 179 €
incl. VAT, plus 16.10 € shipping within Germany / 25.50 € within Europe
Non-EU: 150,42 €
plus 25.50 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

These dayans are bought from various traders in Calcutta. We choose the best pieces from their current stock. The quality of materials and workmanship is a little lower than that of our brand named tablas, but the sound is still quite good.

Sound sample tabla solo with sarangi.


The Calcutta Standard dayan bodies are made of solid heavy wood to ensure a stable standing and a good resonance. The skins are carefully made and give a clear, carrying sound. Slight vibratory sounds in the shyai can not be ruled out, though. They are not a defect, but an individual touch of the specific instrument.

General Info

Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

Manufacturer / Supplier

The term CALCUTTA STANDARD is an India Instruments term for particularly low priced beginner's instruments which are perfectly playable and have a pleasant sound despite their price. The quality of material, sound and workmanship however is clearly lower than that of the more expensive brand manufacturers.
Our Calcutta Standard instruments are all built in the pulsating west-bengal metropolis, already since the 19th century one of the most important centres for music and instrument manufacturing in India. A complex network of workshops traditionally handcrafts instruments without a brand name, using the simplest means. Our partners in Calcutta are continuously keeping an eye on the local market, purchasing those anonymously built instruments if they meet our standards. Suppliers change according to the market situation.

In the 20th century, instrument manufacturers like Kanailal & Brother, Hiren Roy & Sons and Radha Krishna Sharma contributed significantly to bring the sitar in its present shape into perfection. Today Kolkata sitars are setting standards in the whole of India. And whoever knows all about sitars also builds good tanpuras. Moreover, the sarods from Kolkata are unequalled thanks to Hemen & Co.  Kolkata tablas are characterized by an especially brilliant sound and skillfully finished skins. Instruments like the esraj, khol, surbahar or the modern chromatic shrutibox were developed in Kolkata.

Size / Pitch

Diameter: 5 1/2 inches (= 14.0 cm)
Maximum pitch: approx. C
Height: 27 cm