Tabla Set Narayan Badya Bhandar Standard

The Narayan Badya Bhandar Standard complete tabla & bayan set with accessories is the perfect choice for demanding musicians who look for high quality at a reasonable price. Set includes premium rings, fibreglass covers & standard hammer.

EU: 616,50 €
incl. VAT, plus 16.10 € shipping within Germany / 31.10 € within Europe
Non-EU: 518,07 €
plus 31.10 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

These instruments give you the unique tonal beauty of a typical Calcutta tabla. They are carefully made by one of the best tabla makers in town.


The dayan bodies are made of neem or babla wood. These woods are heavy enough to ensure a stable standing. At the same time they give a good resonance. The skins are carefully made. Therefore a Narayan Badya Bhandar Standard dayan always gives a clear, carrying sound. Slight vibratory sounds in the shyai can not be ruled out, though. They are not a defect, but an individual touch of the specific instrument. Good straps and tuning wedges round off the attractive general impression of the Narayan Badya Bhandar Standard dayan.

The Narayan Badya Bhandar Standard bayan is made of chromium plated copper and has a weight of 2.5 to 3 kg. Its carefully made skin gives it a dynamic and well balanced bass sound. The standard diameter is 9 inches (= 22.86 cm).

A pair of fibreglass tabla covers, a pair of premium quality tabla rings (please let us know your favourite colour!) and a standard tuning hammer are included when buying a set of tabla and bayan.

General Info

Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

Manufacturer / Supplier

NARAYAN BADYA BHANDAR is one of the best tabla makers in Calcutta today. The company in its third-generation is managed by Shyamal Das. He carries out all the finishing work himself with utmost care and love of detail in a tiny workshop, together with his father and a handful of employees who all belong to the family circle. The result is, on the one hand, tablas made with much loving care and irresistible tonal quality, and on the other hand, world famous regular customers like Anindo Chatterjee or Swapan Chaudhuri. Apart from tablas, Narayan Badya Bhandar makes also several other percussion instruments, like pakhawaj, mridangam, khol, dholak, kanjira, etc. India Instruments is the exclusive importer for Narayan Badya Bhandar in Europe.

Size / Pitch

Diameter: 5 1/2 inches (= 14.0 cm)
Maximum pitch: approx. c to c#
Height: 27 cm

Weight: 2.5 to 3 kg
Diameter: 9 inches (= 22.86 cm)
Height: 27 cm