Bamboo Male Tanpura


Bamboo tanpuras are a compact and sturdy alternative to the traditional Indian male tanpuras with pumpkin sound box. The string arrangement is the same as for traditional tanpuras, the instruments is however much shorter as well as significantly flatter and slimmer.

EU: 769 €
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Non-EU: 646.22 €
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The sound quality equals that of the Indian original. Our Bamboo tanpuras are made in Germany according to our specifications. We have designed the bridge and string suspension according to the Indian ideal in such a way that even the thicker stiffer strings for fifth and low octave have perfect contact with the bridge surface. Thus the curve of the bridge (Jovari) can be adjusted minutely to get the perfect sound. Common tonic is C ? D.

sound sample played on one of our bamboo tanpura.


Neck and body are built in one piece made from strong bamboo. The top is made of precious spruce. The bridge surface is made of ebony and the brigde feet and string holder end of hard wood. Just as with Indian tanpuras, the strings are simply folded at the bridge end, threaded through a pre-drilled hole and fixated. No  looping required while changing strings. Fine tuning beads  (Mankas) made of hard wood allow for manual fine tuning in the traditional way.

General Info

The string vibration on the bridge (and thus the audible overtones) depends upon the curve of the bridge and the tension, thickness and material of the strings. A thread between the string and the bridge allows subtle manipulations of the contact angle. By moving the thread position the buzz of each string can be adjusted individually.

Manufacturer / Supplier

The basic design of the bamboo tanpura was developed from a bow tube. India Instruments has developed this basic design further with expert knowledge drawn from the art of Indian instrument making and significantly improved essential details. Today our bamboo tanpuras are exclusively crafted according to our specifications by a renowned string instrument maker in Berlin.


Measure: length 115 cm, width 13 cm, depth 10 cm, diapason 99 cm, weight: 2.4 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

Video with Manickam Yogeswaran (vocal / bamboo tanpura)

Link to Classical Carnatic singer Manickam Yogeswaran with one of our Bamboo Male Tanpuras