Dorod Kanailal / 7/8 Hybrid Sarod

The Dorod is a hybrid that combines the high sound quality and differentiated playing possibilities of the classical sarod with the compact dimensions of the Bengali dotar from the Baul tradition.

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Non-EU: 713-45 €
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The Dorod's simple round body shape, the decorated pegbox and the small size are derived from the Bengali dotar. The four melody strings can be tuned to the same intervals as the sarod. The high quality fretless metal fingerboard and the amazingly good sustain allow almost the same intonation subtleties and slides over wide intervals as on the sarod. The two chikari rhythm strings give concise rhythmic accompaniment patterns. There are no resonance strings. This makes the Dorod a perfect a learning instrument for children, travel sarod on the road and and for playing in D tuning in ensembles.

Sound example in Sa=D (D3-A3-D4-G4).


Four melody strings, 2 additional drone strings, wooden body and neck with brown polished varnish, goatskin top, metal fingerboard, simple carving decoration on body and / or pegbox, string holder made of brass. Fibreglass case included.

Manufacturer / Supplier

The company’s founder Kanailal Bhowmick is a native of the present day Bangladesh and started his career originally as a carpenter. After India became independent and divided, he moved to Calcutta and trained with the renowned instrument manufacturers Hiren Roy and Radha Krishna Sharma. Principally since the turn of the millennium, his own shop in Howrah, a neighbouring town to Calcutta on the other side of the Ganges, has acquired a good reputation among musicians because of its high quality sarods and sitars. Kanailal Bhowmick runs it with his three sons Subhas, Mintu and Ashutosh, Kanailal & Sons are not directly related to the legendary sitar, surbahar and rudra veena manufacturer Kanailal & Brother, who closed down in 1995 due to a lack of succession.


Measure: length 83 cm, width 22 cm, depth 18 cm, weight: 2.5 kg, weight with case: 6.8 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.