Surbahar Monoj Kumar Sardar

Monoj Kumar Sardar builds fine surbahars with typical features: majestic in size and grand and powerful in sound. The quality of materials and workmanship is excellent. A surbahar for professional requirements.

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Dark stained toon wood, polished shellac surfaces, 7 playing strings, 12 sympathetic strings, detachable upper resonator (tumba) made of wood, plastic bridges, gourd resonator cut in Kachua-style, top closed, round sitar-style frets, holding aid at resonator, rich inlay work of celluloid with stained brown engravings, base of neck fully carved in angur patta style, bone mankas, carved dragon head on the pegbox.

General Info

The surbahar is a kind of bass sitar. It has a wider and longer neck and thicker strings than the sitar and its pitch is usually a fourth or fifth lower. Its full, deep sound is most suitable for meditative alap and the ancient majestic dhrupad style. The surbahar is an instrument for individualists ? its shape and size have never been standardised and can be found in considerably different varieties.

The angle at which the bridge surface (jowari) has been sanded down has great influence on the sound of every surbahar. If the curvature of the surface permits strong partial vibrations of the string on the bridge, a buzzing sound rich in overtones is created, which is called an open Jowari. Ravi Shankar made this sound popular and Westerners often feel that this is the typical sound of an Indian string instrument. A so-called closed Jowari, however, creates less overtones and the sound is clear, pithy and singing. Most Indian musicians prefer this sound today.

If played regularly and intensely, the strings dig grooves into the surface of the bridges in course of time, due to abrasion, and thus change the relative openess or closedness of the jowaris. If sanded down later in a specific manner, the original sound can be restored or the instrument can be adjusted to a different sound.

Manufacturer / Supplier

MONOJ KUMAR SARDAR & BROTHERS is a relatively large-scale manufacturer in the heart of Calcutta looking back on a rich tradition of three generations. It is run by four brothers, all of them trained craftsmen specialising in different aspects of instrument making. They mainly make sitars, tanpuras, esrajs, dilrubas, harmoniums and shrutiboxes. But the eldest brother and manager Monoj Kumar will get you every other instrument that is manufactured in India as well. Due to our long-term co-operation with Monoj Kumar Sardar since 1994, we receive instruments with a high quality level in terms of sound, workmanship and materials. Today Monoj Kumar Sardar's quality can well compete with other renowned brands like Hemen and Hiren Roy for string instruments or Pakrashi, Paul and Bina for harmoniums.


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Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.