Bangash, Amaan & Ayaan Ali (Sarod), Matthew Barley (Cello), Amjad Ali Khan - Guest Appearance (Sarod)

Strings Attached - DVD

Ragas Kirwani & Kalavati


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Sarod players Amaan & Ayaan Ali Bangash, sons of sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan, perform in a trio with cutting edge cellist Matthew Barley. In raga kalavati, Amjad Ali Khan gives a guest appearance.

This DVD also includes three bonus video tracks taken from Amaan & Ayaan's Lounge / Electronica album Reincarnation. These have been shot on location in Goa, Agra and Kolkata. The bonus titles are Pathway To The Unknown, Final Calling and Birth Of The Soul.

Live concert at The Royal Festival Hall, London, September 2002.