Kirtan Notenheft - Sheet Book

Sheet book for kirtan singing, 113 pages, practical landscape format with spiral binding, texts in German.

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The Kirtan Notenheft is a rich collection of nearly 70 well-known and popular mantras, sanskrit prayers and spiritual songs. The melodies are given in Western staff notation. For people unfamiliar with staff notation, the names of the notes are given in letters underneath the notation.

Directly below the pitch letters is the actual text. Suggestions for chord accompaniment are given above the notation with common chord letter symbols. The melodies and rhythms are kept relatively simple on purpose. Many pieces are notated in two alternative keys, so that users can pick the key best suitable to their voice. The book is completed by short introductory texts in German, an index, and various pictures of Indian deities. The Kirtan Notenheft is a great tool for beginners and musical amateurs for its easy accessibility, and can certainly give some new ideas to experienced musicians as well.

Kirtan is the name for the call and response singing between lead singer and devotees in some of India's spiritual traditions. It is often accompanied by instruments like harmonium and tabla. In the West, guitars are frequently used to support kirtan as well. Kirtan singing is often described as a joyful method of expanding consciousness. Many people find kirtan singing very inspiring and uplifting, especially in a large and enthusiastic group.