Bhava Classic Concert Teak

The best folding harmonium in Delhi style worldwide - incomparable playing experience due to full range, unique sound and best quality in material and workmanship. For people with the highest standards.

EU: 1589 € (incl. bag)
incl. VAT, plus 16.10 € shipping within Germany / 36.10 € within Europe
Non-EU: 1335.29 € (incl. bag)
plus 36.10 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

The Delhi style construction with folding bellows, double reeds and simple stick keys is a classic in the Western kirtan scene. It makes the Bhava Classic Concert Teak relatively light, robust and easily transportable. Cabinet made of carefully seasoned teak wood with elaborate dovetail joints instead of the usual glue, nails and screws. This results in unique cabinet resonance. The undyed teak wood retains its natural appearance with individual grain. Sound, feel and appearance convey lightness and joy. Perfect mobile for professional musicians of all genres. Also wonderful for people with particularly high demands on sound, quality and mobility who want to accompany yoga, mantras, kirtan or relaxation.

The Bhava Classic Concert Teak is characterised by:
* evenly grown and well seasoned wood
* solid teak wood cabinet with dovetail joints
* interior construction made of select pine wood
* folding mechanism
* cleanly sprayed and particularly durable lacquer finish
* silk matt surfaces
* antique brass hardware
* extra soft bellows springs for long sustain and smooth fade-out
* top quality Premier reeds for easy response and harmonious sound
* tasteful, noble design
* flawless exterior: no scratches, dents or stains

Demo video of another copy of this model.

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Sound sample Bhava Classic Concert Teak
- full range with both registers with closed top plate (Jali)
- three-note chords in middle register with top plate (Jali)
- full range with both registers with open top plate (Jali)


- Folding mechanism with folding bellows
- 42 single stick keys
- Range of three and a half octaves from c to f
- Punjabi style Classic Premier reeds
- 2 horizontal reeds in middle (Male) and low (Bass) registers
- 2 register stops (male, bass)
- 4 drone stops (C, D, G, A)
- multiple fold external bellows with side opening
- removable top plate with sliding opening (Jali)
- solid brass fittings
- case made of solid teak wood
- colour teak nature
- interior construction made of selected pine wood
- padded carrying bag included

Manufacturer / Supplier

Bhava founder Nic Dillon has been importing harmoniums from Delhi to the USA since 2010 and sells them in his store Old Delhi Music. Nic has worked with various manufacturers, knows the highly specialised craftsmen who work as day laborers for the manufacturers, and is very familiar with the conditions on site. Despite years of effort, however, he has not been able to reliably get the required consistently high quality from the established manufacturers. Therefore, Nic opened his own harmonium manufacturing in Delhi in 2021 and employs some of the best craftsmen there on a permanent basis. Since then, he gets Delhi-style harmoniums of the best quality made there to his own specifications under the brand name Bhava:
* evenly grown and well seasoned wood
* cleanly sprayed and especially durable varnish
* stainless screws and specially manufactured fittings
* extra soft bellows springs for long sustain and smooth fade-out
* high quality reeds for easy response and harmonious sound
* tasteful, noble design
* flawless exterior without scratches, dents or stains

The impressive quality of Bhava Harmoniums has not been matched by any other harmonium maker in the Delhi region. It meets western standards and can only be compared to the quality of Paloma's harmoniums and shrutiboxes. India Instruments has been carrying Bhava Harmoniums since 2022.

Bhava is also a pioneer in social responsibility and strives for certification under a fair trade label. All craftsmen work without time pressure in clean, air-conditioned and well-lit premises. They are permanently employed and receive fair salaries. Permanent employment gives them and their families access to government health, education and retirement benefits. In contrast, day labourer harmonium craftsmen are paid mostly by the piece and thus work permanently under time pressure. They often work in cramped, dark and poorly ventilated rooms, can be replaced at any time, lose their income in case of illness, have no access to state social benefits and are sometimes in debt bondage to their employers.

Ecological issues also play a role for Bhava. The high quality of the tools used and the instruments produced ensures a particularly long service life. All woods are purchased on official, state-controlled markets. Protected woods are not used. Waste in production is avoided as much as possible and recycled as much as possible. Overseas, the instruments are preferably shipped by sea freight.


In India, our harmoniums are tuned to international concert pitch of a = 440 hertz. In Europe, however, they usually sound slightly higher at a = 441 to 442 Hertz due to the colder climate. The difference is small and not necessarily noticeable even to trained ears.

On request we can tune exactly to 440 hertz for 28 € additional charge.

Tuning to 432 hertz is also possible by arrangement for an additional charge.

Air temperature and blowing pressure influence the vibration frequency of harmonium reeds. At higher temperature and higher pressure, it decreases; at lower temperature, it increases. In our workshop in Berlin we tune at room temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.


Dimensions open: width 61 cm, height 37 cm, depth 35 cm
Dimensions closed: width 61 cm, height 33 cm, depth 22 cm
weight: 12.3 kg (without bag)
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

Register & Drone

Bhava Classic Teak Details