Harmonium Pakrashi Premium Coupler

EU: 759 €
incl. VAT, plus 22.90 € shipping within Germany / 41.20 € within Europe
Non-EU: 637.82 €
plus 41.20 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

- new sample instrument from the stock of India Instruments
- 42 keys = range of three and a half octaves
- each note with two reeds in middle and low octave / register
- separate playing possibility for both registers by adjustment with 4 register slides
- octave coupling (coupler) can be switched on and off with wooden transmission to the low octave
- multiple folded bellows with side opening for active bellows guidance
- large inner bellows
- 3 drone slides for f#, g#, c#
- case made of solid teak wood
- silk matt surfaces
- metal handles and protective fittings
- removable carved lid (Jali) above the key action
- precisely adjustable stick & pallet key mechanism
- locking wedges on the inner back panel for easy opening when maintenance is required
- padded carrying bag included

Pakrashi & Co. is a very traditional harmonium maker from Calcutta. The company was founded in 1922 by the brothers Sudhir Chandra Pakrashi and Hem Chandra Pakrashi. In 1978, Sudhir's son Suphal Pakrashi took over the management. In the meantime, Sudhir's grandson Suvojit Pakrashi is the third generation to run the business. Pakrashi is known for high quality and groundbreaking innovations. Among other things, Pakrashi has invented sliding keyboards (scale changers) and folding mechanisms for harmoniums.