Pakrashi Premium

High quality in materials and workmanship, well balanced rich sound and a classy look are features of the Pakrashi Premium harmonium. It is well suited for regular use at home, to accompany chanting groups or for playing together with other instruments - a smart choice for demanding people who like something special.

EU: 759 € (incl. bag)
incl. VAT, plus 16.10 € shipping within Germany / 36.10 € within Europe
Non-EU: 637,82 € (incl. bag)
plus 36.10 € shipping within Europe / overseas on request

Compared to the standard models, it has a considerably improved mechanism and quality of workmanship, making it pleasant to play and at the same time quite robust. The Pakrashi Premium is therefore an interesting alternative for all those who find Paloma harmoniums too expensive.

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Sound sample Pakrashi Premium
- complete melodic range with both registers
- three-note chords in middle range
- complete melodic range with both registers without cover (jali)


- 39 adjustable stick and palette keys (English keys)
- range of three octaves and two half-ton steps from C to D
- two reeds in middle and low register for each note
- low range C2 - D5, middle range C3 - D6
- 4 register stops for separate or combined use of middle and low register
- 3 stops for drone notes (g, c & d)
- multiple fold external bellows with side opening
- removable wooden cover (jali) over key mechanism with carving and metal palm rest
- matt natural shellac polish
- handles and fixtures made of metal
- wedges at the back side for easy opening for maintenance
- cabinet made of solid teak wood
- incl. padded bag 

Manufacturer / Supplier

Pakrashi & Co. is a harmonium maker from Calcutta with a rich heritage. The company was founded in 1922 by the brothers Sudhir Chandra Pakrashi and Hem Chandra Pakrashi. In 1978 Sudhir's son Suphal Pakrashi took over the management. In the meantime Sudhir's grandson Suvojit Pakrashi is the third generation of the family to run the business. Pakrashi is known for high quality and groundbreaking innovations. Among other things, Pakrashi invented moveable keyboards (scale-changers) and folding mechanisms for harmoniums. The most recent development is the use of plastic instead of wood for the keys' sticks.This allows the production of exactly fitting sticks for all keys. They do not warp due to climatic fluctuations or aging. India Instruments already had Pakrashi Harmoniums in their assortment temporarily in the 1990s. After a longer break, we are offering Pakrashi harmoniums again since 2020.


In India, our harmoniums are tuned to international concert pitch of a = 440 hertz. In Europe, however, they usually sound slightly higher at a = 441 to 442 Hertz due to the colder climate. The difference is small and not necessarily noticeable even to trained ears.

On request we can tune exactly to 440 hertz for 28 € additional charge.

Tuning to 432 hertz is also possible by arrangement for an additional charge.

Air temperature and blowing pressure influence the vibration frequency of harmonium reeds. At higher temperature and higher pressure, it decreases; at lower temperature, it increases. In our workshop in Berlin we tune at room temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.


Measure: height 23,5 cm, width 59 cm, depth 33 cm, weight: 10.5 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.

Register & Drone

Pakrashi Premium Details