Slide Guitar Mohan Veena Concord

The mohan veena is a modified slide guitar with an excellent sound, sympathetic strings and unique playing options. It is traditionally held like a Hawaiian guitar, being placed flat in one's lap. The melody is articulated on the left by means of a heavy polished steel cylinder slide without pressing the string down - the weight of the slide is enough to get a clear sound.

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The slide is freely movable along the playing strings, facilitating the typical sliding melody fluctuations, which guitarists know e.g. from bottleneck playing. The mohan veena is plucked on the right side, using finger picks. Even when unamplified the mohan veena has a powerful full sound, which is particularly enhanced by the silvery overtones of the sympathetic strings and drone strings. The mohan veena offers all possibilities of differentiated melodic and rhythmical play common in Indian raga music, providing many possibilities in other music styles as well. Comes with a fibreglass case.


Corpus shaped like a traditional Gibson jazz guitar. Back, sides and neck made of mahogany; top with F-holes made of spruce; flat, fretless fingerboard made of rosewood; celluloid inlays. Three melody strings, five drone strings and 12 sympathetic strings, all with cogwheel tuning mechanisms. Drone strings lower in height than the melody strings to allow for unrestricted melody playing. Horn bridge for sympathetic strings.

General Info

The instrument is named after the Indian slide guitar virtuoso and Grammy award winner Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. It was created according to his ideas in the 1990s.

Manufacturer / Supplier

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt's and Ry Cooder's grammy-winning 1994 album "A Meeting by the River" was a milestone in music history. For the first time musicians outside India took note of Bhatt's instrument, the mohan-veena. Bhatt had developed it together with guitar maker Concord. Since 2006, India Instruments offers the original mohan veena made by Concord.

CONCORD MUSICAL INDUSTRIES is a small, very renowned and very innovative guitar maker from Calcutta, headed by Bhabasindhu Biswas. The workshop is specialised in slide guitars. Concord has developed new designs and setups with additional sympathetic and drone strings to meet the requirements of Indian classical music. Leading Indian slide guitar masters like Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Debashsish Bhattacharya have contributed to Concord's innovations.

In about 2013, Concord has changed the spelling of the brand name to set it apart from inferior replicas. Since then, true original mohan veenas made by Concord Musical Industries bear the lettering Conchord instead of Concord - with an H after the second C - at the top of the peg box. The top usually has a label with the name Bhaba Sindhu Biswas, a drawing of Bhabasindhu Biswas and the name Conchord - again with the H.


Vishwa Mohan Bhatt uses the following tuning and stringing for his Mohan-Veena:

Playing Strings
1. d / Sa - steel 0.35 mm

2. A / low Pa - steel 0.50 mm

3. D / low Sa - bronce 0.55 mm

Drone Strings (Chikari)

1. c# / low shuddha Ni - steel 0.27 mm

2. F# / low shuddha Ga - steel 0.40 mm

3. A / low Pa - steel 0.35 mm

4. d / Sa - steel 0.27 mm

5. d' / high Sa - steel 0.22 mm

Sympathetic Strings (Taraf) - all steel 0.22 mm 

1. d / Sa

2. c# / low shuddha Ni

3. d / Sa

4. e / shuddha Re

5. f# / shuddha Ga

6. f# / shuddha Ga

7. g / shuddha Ma

8. a / Pa

9. b / shuddha Dha

10. c# / shuddha Ni

11. d' / high Sa

12. e' / high shuddha Re

This tuning is based on a d-major scale (Bilawal Thata). For other scales (Thata) the sympathetic strings and occasionally also the1st and 2nd drone strings are changed accordingly.


Measure: length 106 cm, width 41 cm, depth 9 cm, diapason 65 cm, weight: approx. 2.8 kg
Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description.