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Bonus Programmes

India Instruments currently offers two bonus programmes for private customers:

RAMA bonus for catalogue aggregators
The RAMA bonus gives you a discount of 10%, if you buy at least three pieces of the same item together in one order. It rewards catalogue aggregators who get together with friends, acquaintances, colleagues or students. It aims to promote exchange and cooperation. In Hindu mythology Rama is a god of selfless virtue. The RAMA bonus is helpful for music students jointly buying study materials, for institutions that want to install a number of instruments as fixed equipment, or for music teachers who want to make good tools available to their students.

LAKSHMI bonus for major customers
When you have completed purchases from India Instruments with a value of at least 1000 Euros, the LAKSHMI bonus gives you a discount of 5% on all further purchases. It rewards major customers, who buy particularly expensive items or who keep on buying from us substantially several times. The value of all purchases of a single person can be added up over any period of time, and the LAKSHMI bonus can be activated as soon as the limit of 1000 Euros is crossed. In Hindu mythology Lakshmi is the goddess of splendour.

Validity, Combinations & Restrictions
LAKSHMI bonus is not restricted to a certain validity period. You can add to the value of your purchases for the LAKSHMI Bonus for any amount of time! It is therefore worthwhile to stay loyal to us! Shipping costs are not included in the value calculation. The LAKSHMI and RAMA bonus can not be applied to items outside our regular assortment (e.g. custom-made instruments, special offers, 2nd hand items, etc.) and to German-language books with fixed prices.

All international bonus programmes take effect from January 1st, 2011 onwards. Purchases before that date can not be taken into account. All bonus programmes are a voluntary offer of India Instruments and are not legally binding. Their terms and conditions can be changed or they can be terminated at will without prior notice.


Registration & Proof
Application or registration is not required for our bonus programmes. However, you will have to prove that you have fulfilled our conditions if you want to get a bonus. Please give us the invoice numbers or receipt details with which you qualify for the bonus. We therefore recommend that you collect and keep all invoices and receipts from India Instruments carefully.

The bonus programmes can only be used by private customers. They can not be combined with any other special conditions (e.g. wholesale prices).